Here in the DC area we’re getting a brief return of Winter. For the past few weeks it’s been pretty warm. So warm, in fact, the cherry trees around town are already blooming.

Full Bloom in Freaking February?

This tree, I believe of the kanzan variety, was blooming in front of my house last week.


Now the flowers are mostly gone from that tree but other cherry varieties are blooming. Yesterday we woke up to a dusting of snow. Today is actually pretty chilly and tomorrow is supposed to be cold, too. So it does look like the ground rat may have been right as we get this brief return of winter.

That said, in anticipation of the weather warming back up, I wonder whether people would be up for a happy hour? Maybe something to coincide with the final days of the Haru tournament?

Global Warming’s Plus Side

I’m calling this presumptive test TachiaiCon an alpha release, in anticipation of a real TachiaiCon when Bruce is around town. I have some PTA obligations this week but hopefully the first or second week of the tournament would be a great time to hang out and debate the finer points of competitive King of the Hill and atomic wedgies.


There have been quite a few new Japanese restaurants opening around town the past few years, none of which have I been able to actually try so I can’t vouch for any yet — but I’m eager to test some out. There are a couple of izakayas and ramen has become “a thing,” as the HuffPoser generation would say. Apparently there was a big ramen shindig downtown last weekend that caught me unawares. How can it claim to be “Ramen World” if I’ve never heard of it? Much less, Ramen World 3? What happened to 1 & 2? They really need to run this stuff by me first. Also, $70+/person? Granted, alcohol was included and it’s really hard to find any legit ramen inside the beltway for under $13. Tacos from a truck will likely run you $12. Lunchtime in DC = BYO Chair + Table + Roof. I miss yakisoba for ¥200 at Lawson’s or 711. </rant>

Anyway, over the next few weeks the cherry blossoms will be blooming and the zabuton will be flying. If we can keep the external thermostat in the 60s, (or at least in the 50s) it would be nice to enjoy a few Old Fashioneds.





2 thoughts on “TachiaiCon-αlpha

  1. Indeed, I’m starting to think 40-degree temperature swings are the new normal.

    It’s probably not worth it if it’s just me, but I’d think it would be ideal to plan for something around day 10 or so. The basho will have taken shape, the possible paths to it’s conclusion will have become visible, we’ll have plenty to discuss.

  2. I swear, this basho couldn’t come at a better time. Who knew PTA could be so…insane? The school district needs to build a new school and the claws come out.

    So, I’ll be drinking a beer or two regardless. :) Sometime around Day 10 sounds great. So many of these storylines will be peaking about that time. Kotoshogiku, Terunofuji, Takayasu, Mitakeumi…not to mention any of the yokozuna…


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