Countdown to Haru Basho


Just Over Two Weeks To Go

Attention Sumo fans! We are just a few days away from the official Osaka banzuke which will be quickly used to sweep away the questionable forecasts of the writers at Tachiai. Word from the sumo press is that most of the Beyas have actually started relocating to their temporary facilities in Osaka, and that rikishi are preparing themselves for the two week tournament.

There has also been word that one of the most important stories in Osaka is going to have a rough start. De-frocked Ozeki Kotoshogiku is still injured, and struggling to train. He has a one time chance to regain his Ozeki rank if he is able to secure 10 wins from his position at Sekiwake. As both Andy and I have stated, in his current condition it is likely impossible.

Tachiai will start our coverage of all the action leading up to Haru starting Sunday, when US fans get the banzuke during the afternoon hours. From there we will be wall-to-wall bringing you all things sumo leading up to and including the tournament itself.

Photograph above courtesy of John Gunning’s “Inside Sport Japan” twitter feed.

*Additional photos, including the one below showing Otake Beya’s temporary training area in Osaka can be found at Otake’s web site.

Ōtake Beya Haru.png

5 thoughts on “Countdown to Haru Basho

  1. Though not entirely unexpected… precisely not what I wanted to hear about Giku [sigh].

    Admission: whenever I stretch my back (in similar fashion) I mutter (er… croak), “Kotoshooooogiku” to no one in particular.

  2. I really want Kotoshogiku to have a decent chance of staging a come back, but it’s probably time for him to be a coach now. I wonder if he is going to make that call before the first day of Haru or wait to see how he does.

    Meanwhile, still no signs of Goeido anywhere in the press. I am starting to worry he is in serious shape. As Andy has pointed out, he can afford to miss Haru, be kadoban for May and rally – if he can get that ankle working correctly. The Nozeki path is starting to look a bit more likely.

  3. Ugh. The lack of Goeido news is going to give me an ulcer. In hindsight: Terunofuji had the same option to sit out Hatsu, no? I’m sure no one who witnessed the progressively gruesome state of his knees over the course of the Kyushu basho (hell of a save, no less!) would have batted an eye.

    I’m starting to regret bringing up the Nozeki prospect to begin with.

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