Wakaichiro (若一郎) Loses Day 14 Bout


American Jonokuchi Make-Koshi For January Basho

In his final bout of the Hatsu Basho, Wakaichiro lost his bout to Shimakaze of Oguruma beta. Although Wakaichiro failed to secure a winning record in his first tournament, this is not uncommon to a rikishi who is new to sumo, and there is a great deal of opportunity for him to improve at Osaka in March.

Many of his bouts were against returning higher ranked wrestlers who had been demoted back to the beginning ranks due to extended absence due to injury or other factors. The team at Tachiai have absolute confidence in the team at Mushashigawa beta (including legendary American Ozeki Konishiki!) to tune Wakaichiro’s performance to ever increasing levels.

Fans in American and around the world look forward to seeing Wakaichiro in battle again soon.

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