Shohozan (松鳳山) Kinboshi Also 200th Career Makuuchi Win


Maegashira 2 surprises Yokozuna Harumafuji

Shohozan scored an impressive win over Harumafuji on the 3rd day of the Hatsu basho in Tokyo. Any win by a rank and file rikishi over a Yokozuna is a termed a “gold star win” or Kinboshi. These wins permanently boost the pay of the winning wrestler.

Shohozan unleashed a blistering attack, similar to the one used against Yokozuna Kakuryu on day 2. Today Shohozan prevailed and scored his third kinboshi. All of Shohozan’s gold star wins have been against Harumafuji, who lost to his second consecutive rank and file Maegashira.

Harumafuji has now lost twice in the first three days, and it’s clear his ankle injuries are reducing his ability to deliver of his fast paced, run-and-gun sumo.

2 thoughts on “Shohozan (松鳳山) Kinboshi Also 200th Career Makuuchi Win

  1. Without a doubt, Harumafuji is hurting. Let’s see if he can find away to get a winning record this basho…or he may end up retiring before the tournament ends.

    • I am sure he will go kyujo before he even thinks of retirement. Hakuho, ever the leader, did in fact sit out, get medical attention and return powerful. I am not sure what the details of Harumafuji’s problems with his undercarriage, but I would love to see him continue for a few more years healthy and strong.


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