Kenshokin (懸賞金) a.k.a. bounties

Nikkan-Gendai posted a brief but interesting article about kenshokin/bounties that are handed to some of the top-wrestlers after they win their matches. According to the article, each envelope contains 30,000 yen. At recent exchange rates, we’re talking less than $250. It still boggles my mind that there aren’t more bounties and that you get some top maegashira, guys as high up as Tochinoshin, not receiving bounties after every match.

The number of bounties, and thus the number of sponsor banners, is capped. Hakuho’s been hitting that cap of 61, which equates to 1.83 Million yen…or over $15,000. Granted, we’re not talking pro football player money but that’s some significant incentive. I think I might try to do it at some point this year but you can’t use personal names. It needs to be the name of a company or organization.

Though the wrestler gets 30,000 yen on the spot, each banner costs the sponsor 63,000 yen. The rest gets split up to pay taxes, fees, and to go into the wrestler’s retirement money. The article goes on to mention how Sir Paul paid for several banners to promote his “New” album during the November 2013 tournament.


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